Pink Swamp Orchids

oil on canvas 20″x20″

7 thoughts on “Pink Swamp Orchids

  1. So gorgeous, seems so balanced, just the right atmosphere, focus, and silent beauty….those swamp orchids brings your painting to a beautiful conclusion. I am curious, bear with me. How long does it take for you to envision your painting, plan it and then finish it. Do you ever have a problem with impatience or did that settle down with experience and age. 🙂


    • Thank you Margaret, you always ask the questions I wish someone would ask. I love to talk about the creative process, and this painting offers the opportunity. The process goes on for an extended period of time. This painting was “completed” about 6 months ago. Last week I thought I could improve it, so I repainted it, increasing the contrast, thought it was finally completed, photographed it, and called it a day. The next morning I realized it still was in need of something. That’s when the idea of “swamp orchids” arose. I added 4, removed 2, and finally was happy with the results. I replace “impatience” with determination. . And yes, age is the best teacher.

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      • Thank you! I have been wanting to ask questions about your paintings, about the creative process, so I will do that as the questions pop up in my mind. I also love to discuss the creative process, we all are happy now. 🙂 so determination pays off at the end, what an encouragement.


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