Painting, like life, is a journey.  And, as with any journey, it’s the people you meet along the way who leave the most lasting impressions.  In my 60 year journey as a painter, I have been fortunate.  The dealers, patrons, and friends I have met have been the best.

BIOGRAPHY for Maurice Sapiro

Maurice L. Sapiro (b. 1932)

Born in New Brunswick, New Jersey, July 10, 1932,  Sapiro  resides  in Connecticut.

He paints landscapes, still lives, and dreamscapes.

“Fascinated by ‘the moment when natures fuses light and air, and creates a work of art’, Sapiro captures the ethereal, spiritual, magical tones, light and mood of nature. In delicately and subtly applied glazes, his images explore the moods of morning and evening on marshes and rivers of the area.  Still lifes evoke a sense of both mystery and beauty in their hints at abstraction, and occasionally Sapiro takes on the human figure with an eye for the exotic and arresting character.  He has published articles and books on clay form modeling methods, built his own harpsichord, taught himself a high level of color photography and did his own color processing.  He has dabbled in inventing and in optics as well, all the while, however, continuing to experiment with painting in watercolor and in oil.” (

He is the author of  (t)he definitive examination of the fundamental process of handbuilding clay” (“Clay: Handbuilding”; Davis Publications).  His books have sold over 48,000 copies and have been considered authoritative classics in the classroom and the studio for over 30 years.


Smokenders Prize, Paint & Clay Club Annual, 1981 New Haven, Ct

Hilda P. Levy Watercolor Prize, Paint & Clay Club Annual, 1986  New Haven, Ct

Shortell Prize, Connecticut Watercolor Society Annual, 1986

C.W.S. Award, Connecticut Watercolor Society Annual, 1988

Selected Exhibitions:

The National Academy of Design, 135th Annual  N.Y.C.

Metropolitan Young Artists Show, National Arts Club, 1958, N.Y.C.

Allied Artists of America,  88th Annual  2001  N.Y.C.

The American Artists Professional League,  73rd National  2001, N.Y.C.

Art Of New England,  Lyme Art Association, 2002

Connecticut Watercolor Society, 1985 ’86, ’87, ’88, ’91


New Britain Museum Of American Art

Eastern Connecticut State University

62 thoughts on “Bio

  1. I understand why your pieces have been awarded many times over . . . painting is your calling. There is an elegance to your work – how you play with light and color comes to the viewer in an extraordinary way.

    Liked by 2 people

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  3. I am honored that you like my work and that you are following my blog. My journey in the world as an artist is just beginning. I loved meandering through your web site. You are clearly a multi-talented artist. Have an artful day! Marian


  4. Thank you for “like” on my post. While I am only a passionate dabbler, your work is totally amazing! I am so inspired 🙂


  5. Hello and many thanks for following Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary, Your art is wonderful I have been browsing here for a little while, I am just catching up on my new followers and its an honour to have you follow my blog, As an armature artist who paints and sketches pastels in my spare time I appreciate the skill that goes into the creation of any painting, And your art is outstanding ..
    Wishing you well


  6. Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Your work is fantastic and a source of inspiration for me. Thanks for sharing it with us 🙂


  7. Hi Maurice, your work is breathtaking! Such depth and feeling and your drawings are so soft. Thank you for liking my own page, I look forward to seeing more of your wonderful works.


  8. You can do what I have always wanted. Make beautiful images on a blank canvas with your minds eye and hands. I just don’t have that talent. My grandmother did, but she kept it all for herself. She did give me the eye for enjoying visual art both on canvas and in nature. So, I have used a camera (for nearly 60 years) to capture images that I would love to have been able to paint. Using digital photography, I can now manipulate these digital images to resemble paintings. This gives me much pleasure as does your beautiful work…..


  9. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and actually liking some of the posts! After seeing your amazing work I feel slightly embarrassed that I have put my work up but extremely pleased that an artists of your talent has appreciated it. Very kind of you! It has made my day!


  10. Thank you for your like and follow Maurice. I feel truly honoured. You are such a master of the craft. You can almost taste the air in the pictures. Wonderful, will follow you with much interest and good wishes for the exhibition. Just wish I was closer! Good health and sunshine, Mary 🙂


  11. So I noticed you show is in Romantic Willimantic! I lived in Willimantic for many years! I ran the food coop that used to be on Main street, worked at the vegetarian restaurant and was good friends with the bike shop owner. In fact, my ex-husband and I started the Willimantic Athletic Club (WAC), a club for runners in the area many years ago. As far as I know it’s still exists. He still lives there, although I moved many years ago and am now in NH. I keep in touch with many people there. My friend just became the women’s coach at Eastern, and I know others there. Still in touch with my ex! My Mom is an artist in Florida. She’s worked in many mediums, most recently pastel, but was a stone sculputor. Now, as she ages, she’s really slowing down. Your work is lovely! I was planning a visit to CT at some point, maybe I’ll look your work up! 🙂


  12. Your work is fabulous Maurice! As a beginning artist I am honored that you stopped by my blog to see one of my paintings and even “liked” it! Thank you so much. I shall return to your blog to view and read more, it is very inspiring.


  13. Hello Maurice,
    It’s very kind of you to like the work on Andrew’s new blog.
    Thank you for the encouragement from a fellow artist who clearly has a lot of knowledge and experience.
    It’s good to see such a varied portfolio keeping the work you produce interesting and fresh.
    Looking forward to your next posts.


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  15. Wow you are super talented, across so many disciplines. I love your landscape work, figures, and sculpture, I will have a better look later, but here in the UK it is 1 am and I should be in bed as I have work in the morning ( I am irritatingly most creative at night) thank you for following me and liking my hare, I feel very privaledged now having looked at your amazing works. Night night from England.


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  17. I am a bit sad that I have only just discovered your incredible work. Your paintings are now an inspiration for me to pick up the brush again as they bring me to a place of beauty and serenity. Thank you so very much.


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