Land’s End

oil on canvas  24"x30"

oil on canvas 24″x30″

60 thoughts on “Land’s End

  1. Not a good word to describe this! Love how the shrub stands out , detailed, to the smoothed sky.. First feel is lonely, but tranquil.
    The longer you look at it, ‘peaceful’ takes over.


  2. Maurice, sure wish your retrospective was a bit closer. I really want to attend. Maybe I can find a weekend for a little getaway or something. Even so, brilliant work. It would be redundant to “like” every one of your posts…so thank you.


  3. Again, I am going to use the word beautiful. It seems such an inadequate word for your paintings. They bring me such joy and peace. I wish I could get to your retrospective and see them in person. Good luck with it, I hope all goes well for you.


  4. Love how those little splashes of Light on the leaves bring it out to capture the Suns last rays….. In fact I just love everything about it… and could quite easily gaze at it endlessly .. Lands End is adeptly named , For the is no end to its beauty.. the sky, the water, each hold their own magic, ..
    love your talent..


  5. Interesting contrast between the softness of the sky and water and the detail of the brush and grasses. I read above it’s a technique you use often to create depth. It definitely creates interest.


  6. Hey Maurice – wonderful body of work. Like your drawings, portraits, and plein air paintings. Especially like this painting with the highly focused detail in the foreground set against the colorful atmosphere. Beautiful stuff.


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