106 thoughts on “Landscapes

    • Marie,
      Thanks for your kind words. They made my day (and probably all of next week). I so enjoyed your photos–I spent some of the best years of my life in a darkrroom, many happy memories.


  1. Thank you for following my page – looking at your work, it feels like I’ve caught the attention of one of the masters. What a beautiful collection of Turner-esque paintings!


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  3. Hi Maurice Sapiro,

    You are creating the visual poetry I hope to achieve one day in my own work. Thanks for visiting my site and for sharing your beautiful paintings. I’m honored by your attention.

    Dawn Wagner


  4. Hi Maurice, Your landscape paintings remind me of Turner, your colors are really rich! Have you been in the Rotunda Gallery at the Corcoran Museum, in DC? They’ve a great collection of his work. I read in one of your earlier comments that you like Joan Mitchell’s work, I’ve always been taken with her colors. Thanks for looking at my art.


  5. Maurice, thank you so much for “liking” my post. And I’m so glad you did because I have now gotten to see your magnificent work. Its moody and ethereal qualities immediately put me in mind of Turner. Very inspiring work!
    All the best,


  6. Maurice, every image in your post could inspire a poem with their beauty! I love landscapes, and would be happy one day to write a poem for anyone of your choice. The spirit that comes to life in each is so very soothing. Blessings my friend! Thank you for your visit!


  7. Maurice, thank you so much for another “like” on my blog and for following, I really am flattered as I find your work absolutely fantastic! Especially your landscape paintings and your photographs are just so wonderful in their colouring and atmosphere. I very, very much enjoy your posts.
    All the best from Germany


  8. Maurice, I really adore your landscapes. I grew up in marshy Michigan, and the flat landscape of the off-seasons has a subtlety and texture that you evoke so beautifully.

    What kind of surface are you working on? are these painted on smooth panels?


    • These paintings were done over a 14 year time period, so the surface varies. The ones on canvas are double primed with a thick gesso, applied with a large knife to get a rather smooth surface. The paintings on panel are also gesso primed, sometimes by roller, sometimes by brush. Thanks for looking and liking.


  9. Wow! Thank you so much for introducing me to your work by visiting me at xballerina! What a perfect representation of the life and movement of light in the landscape, by NOT capturing it literally. Really an inspiration. I wish I could use something like this as a back drop/inspiration for a ballet. Are these oil on canvas or? Cheers!


  10. My favourite is ‘Red Clouds Reflected’. Its the way you use colour and light to capture unexpected and fleeting moments that convey gentle aspects of the forces of nature.


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