Golden works by Maurice Sapiro

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Maurice Sapiro is an American painter that creates unbelievably beautiful landscapes, still lives, and dreamscapes by adding the golden shades to each of his works. The main elements of his paintings are the air and the light, that convey a mystical atmosphere of the unknown aspects of the world.

The artist works with many different techniques, such as oil, watercolors, pencil and he is equally good in painting portraits, illustrations, skyscpapes, landscapes, etc.

He exhibits his works in The National Academy of Design, Metropolitan Young Artists Show, National Arts Club, Allied Artists of America,  The American Artists Professional League,  Art Of New England,  Lyme Art Association, and Connecticut Watercolor Society.

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Maurice Sapiro_01Maurice Sapiro_02Maurice Sapiro_03Maurice Sapiro_04Maurice Sapiro_05Maurice Sapiro_06Maurice Sapiro_07Maurice Sapiro_08Maurice Sapiro_09Maurice Sapiro_10Maurice Sapiro_11Maurice Sapiro_12Maurice Sapiro_13Maurice Sapiro_14Maurice Sapiro_15Maurice Sapiro_16Maurice Sapiro_17Maurice Sapiro_18Maurice Sapiro_19Maurice Sapiro_20Maurice Sapiro_21Maurice Sapiro_22Maurice Sapiro_23Maurice Sapiro_24Maurice Sapiro_25Maurice Sapiro_26Maurice Sapiro_27Maurice Sapiro_28Maurice Sapiro_29Maurice Sapiro_30Maurice Sapiro_31Maurice Sapiro_32Maurice Sapiro_33Maurice Sapiro_34Maurice Sapiro_35Maurice Sapiro_36Maurice Sapiro_37Maurice Sapiro_38Maurice Sapiro_39Maurice Sapiro_40Maurice Sapiro_41Maurice Sapiro_42Maurice Sapiro_43Maurice Sapiro_44Maurice Sapiro_45Maurice Sapiro_46

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