The Old Oak

oil on canvas  24"x24"

oil on canvas 24″x24″

12 thoughts on “The Old Oak

  1. This is so lovely.Beautiful Light that is so strong and gentle at the same time. It is powerful and moving. There’s a hope, and an expectancy in the atmosphere in this, that comes across. I find it full of rich symbolism.
    You know Maurice….. I often wonder, how much I read into your work that is just ‘me’ and my own experiences. But, for some reason, many times what I feel from a painting of yours, hits me – loud and clear.
    At any rate, I do love this one so much!


    • Thanks Debi, what I enjoy most about your comments, is that they reflect my own feelings. The ones that “hit you” are the ones that I think I have been most successful in expressing my own feelings. So, thank you soul mate !!!

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      • Wonderful!!
        that’s truly awesome; to hear that somehow … I’ve picked up what you were really feeling 🙂
        I don’t generally listen in too much to the museum and gallery docents, as they “explain what the artist was feeling.”
        Because…. HOW could they know, for sure, unless the artist told them. Or wrote it down? You don’t.
        Its an interpretation. Which is fine and dandy, really. as long as someone doesn’t try to say, THIS is the gospel truth of what the artist meant!
        lol – thats my little discourse Maurice 🙂 hope you got a kick out of it!! cheers, Debi


      • Your discourse made my day. Here’s my discourse, I have found that painting is my best therapy, a way to get through the day. If the activity accomplishes something more, I’m pleased, if someone else shares the enjoyment, I’m pleased, but if the results have no artistic merit, it’s OK, I’ve had a good day in the studio. Painting is providing a beautiful last chapter, who could ask for anything more. And thank you for everything.

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      • beautifully spoken from the heart Maurice. “if the results have no artistic merit, it’s OK”
        so many of us need to hear this and let it sink right in to our core.
        I wonder, if you would consider… a super short, no pressure – Guest Post for me?
        just really… what you have just said right here!
        I’d love to have more readers get the opportunity to read, to feel, to share in those insights. I have never, asked anyone to do ‘Guest’ before, so I’ve got to figure out how its done – not so great at techie things 🙂

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      • Debi, yes, I would be honored to be a part of your ‘Guest Post. My “techie things” are primitive –my son John has been doing most of the posting, but whatever is involved , I would gladly contribute. All my life, I have used creating as a way of escape, a way to survive. I learned early on, that the journey is the priority, not the product. And again, thank you for looking and listening.


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