Maurice Sapiro’s Fabulous Photos Of Paris In The 1950s

“In-between stints spent playing the trumpet with the 279th Army Band in France in 1956, artist Maurice Sapiro documented the streets of Paris…”

Source: Maurice Sapiro’s Fabulous Photos of Paris in the 1950s

20 thoughts on “Maurice Sapiro’s Fabulous Photos Of Paris In The 1950s

      • How fascinating to have been in Paris when you were, not all in a good way, but overall! I’ve always been interested in WWI and WWII, so I really enjoy seeing your photos. I mus take time to look at more of them more closely. Besides the simple fact of chronicling the times, your photos are suburb.

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      • Thanks again Janet. I was there 10 years after the was ended, and life was almost back to normal. It was peacetime, but we still had a draft, and I was assigned to the band. My first artistic interest was to become a photographer, and so I used my service time to hone my skills and craft. For a 24 year old kid, I’m still amazed at what I did accomplish. Thanks for traveling down memory lane with me.

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