oil on canvas  20"x 24"

oil on canvas 20″x 24″

15 thoughts on “Ripples

  1. Maurice this is magnificent.
    I feel a differing ‘note’ to this …although it could just be me, today.

    It is infused with moodiness, atmosphere that creates in the viewer a longing, a waiting – for something. how strange and how beautiful. This is such a well orchestrated painting… Like it Created itself. by magic. wonderful.

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    • Thanks Debi. You always seem to understand what’s going on. I think I’m going to have to slow down. This may be it for a while, and I wanted this one to convey a serenity and finality, a summation of all I’ve been trying to paint. We shall see. And I want you to know what a joy it is knowing you !!

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      • REALLY! … I mean I totally understand, and when a body has to slow down they had better.
        yes, I felt within there was something this painting was saying that was so… different to your other paintings. a different message. (but I was 200% exhausted yesterday & thought I was over reacting)
        I have to tell you Maurice, again, that your art style, approach… is in my mind THE ideal Way for oils or wc . you always impart feeling into your work. I love that. Thank you for taking the time, to chat with me here on WP. And hopefully, you will look in from time to time to say hi. cheers, Debi

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