Tall Ship

oil on panel  12"x18"

oil on panel 12″x18″

4 thoughts on “Tall Ship

  1. Mr. Sapiro, I also am an artist and am beginning to paint in tonalism.  If it is appropriate for me to ask, do you use the wipe out technique, or just begin your painting with a brush.  I have painted both ways, and of course, continued to layer with color and liquin, but think I prefer the brush over the wipeout.  May I be so bold as to ask your opinion?  I am 70 years of age and began my painting career 10 years ago.  It has been my life long dream to paint, and I guess I am trying to paint all the ideas that have been in my mind for years. I admire your art so very much. Jane Blevins

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    • Jane, Thank you for your kind words. I’m 84, started painting about 60 years ago, and yes, any question is appropriate. I start with a brush, scrubbing on the color, and after the surface is covered, anything goes, I’ll blend, scrap, remove and add to meet the needs of the painting. I keep my mind open to whatever the painting suggests. Sometimes, I like to be surprised. So, if I may offer some advice, just keep painting !


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