oil on panel  16"x20"

oil on panel 16″x20″

9 thoughts on “Thunderclap

  1. You make my day when I look at your art, this is phenomenal with the atmosphere but especially the lighting. Are you familiar with Luminism? Apparently it is an offshoot of Hudson River school. There are several modern artists that are luminists and one of my favorites is Brent Cotton. Anyway, have a wonderful weekend what’s left of it.


    • Margaret, you made my day and weekend. Yes, the Luminists have been with me, in the studio, since I started painting, I’m going to be 84 next week, so I didn’t miss being one of them by much. thanks for your wonderful comments.

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  2. Dear Maurice,
    it’s your Birthday next week, I have read. I am very happy that I can your contect with such a great Champion. This wonderful recommendation came from Nadia Baumgardt and I am very grateful. I world to love to look at your works in an exhibition that has to be a great experience.

    Greetings Babsi


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