Stepping Stones

oil on canvas  20"x20"

oil on canvas 20″x20″

12 thoughts on “Stepping Stones

  1. Light. Hope. Dreams. Wonder. A Better place. Peace. Good Cheer. Warmth and Loving Kindness. Maurice, when I look, you know, REALLY look, not ‘glance’…. at your paintings these are the things that the paintings emote. Time after time. It is loveliness to look into your paintings and see there is Hope and Light. It may be around the corner. It not be Right NOW. But, you paint it so clear for us to see. Thank you, Maurice. So well done.

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    • Debi, You go right to the heart of the matter, you seem to know, to understand exactly what I’m trying to accomplish. Last week you mentioned “favorites”, well this is mine. I’m not sure if I will ever achieve such a unified image again, I think I can rest on this achievement. We will have to wait and see what’s around the corner. Thanks for all your encouragement and appreciation. You are really appreciated !!

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      • wow. that IS so interesting isn’t it! I’d no idea it’d be YOUR fav! but, something compelled me to write the above.
        and, I’d say you have MORE Good Stuff… within you. ‘awaiting the moment’ to be set free. (its always my pleasure to get to see what you are up to next)

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