The Fabled City By The Sea a work in progress

oil on canvas  48"x72"  a work in progress

oil on canvas 48″x72″ a work in progress

16 thoughts on “The Fabled City By The Sea a work in progress

  1. Fabled City… great title; love the smooth sultry rose pinks with the burnt umber naples yellow. I am very very curious on this one!! Did this one evolve and emerge? or did you have a vision/thought an idea from somewhere? Where? How did this painting, come to be Maurice? Thank you! Debi

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    • Thanks Debi ! I started this series of 4’x6′ paintings with this plan. Viewing photos of all my paintings from the last 15 years, I selected ones that I thought would be right as an inspiration for enlarging. I would make an 8×10 print of the original, hang it next to the canvas, and use it as a color comparison, not trying to replicate the paintings, but just to give me a reference. First step, using a 2″ brush, involved covering the white canvas with paint, mixing on the canvas instead of the palette. Then I blended with a 4″ blender, and then, seeing that more blending was necessary, I used an 8″putty knife to smooth and blend. I really went out of my comfort zone, in color and texture, and still not sure what will happen in the next week or so. Any suggestions?

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