Segue, Day Into Night

oil on canvas  20"x20"

oil on canvas 20″x20″

6 thoughts on “Segue, Day Into Night

    • I love to get questions. This painting occurred in 2 painting sessions. First day I painted a golden base color. When it was dry, I covered it with a mixture of black paint and alizarin crimson paint, By varying the mixture, and removing it in sections to allow the golden under-color to show, I arrived at this texture and image. It took the entire day to get it right.


      • That’s so interesting – I couldn’t work out how you got the impression of light breaking through. Such great textures. Really like the way you leave enough for the viewer’s imagination to mix with the painting.

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  1. wow, Maurice, this is SO POWERFUL. it’s all of your beautiful landscape light, plus a punch in the guts with that deep color. just luscious! Canvas? I thought surely this was a panel. is this all or mostly palette knife work? or brush and knife? other scraping tools?


    • Thanks Patrise, Yes, canvas and all of the above. It was painted in two sessions, first a ground of yellow, and when dry, over-painted with a mixture of black and alizarin crimson.
      The foreground is palette knife. Final touches of Naples Yellow to make it shine. Thanks for looking and commenting !


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