Nocturne In Gold And Blue

oil on canvas  24"x30"

oil on canvas 24″x30″

6 thoughts on “Nocturne In Gold And Blue

      • Yes, my neglecting WP and such good friends as your good self Maurice, the garden and my art both have been taking priority.. Plus making jams, chutneys, and freezing the veg LOL.. 🙂 Something has to give… Today I set out to catch up, before answering my comment pages as I get so caught up within other peoples blogs LOL.. 🙂 and Posts.. So love my alternate reality.. But I love more my Garden World of Nature.. 🙂 which is calling again now, as I spent 3 hours already in this little box 🙂 and need some Sun before it goes down.. 🙂 Big hugs to you my friend.. I appreciate you so much 🙂 and just love swimming in your paintings as I dive ever deeper within their colours .. 🙂 take care.. and enjoy a wonderful week Maurice.. Hugs Sue ❤

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