“Now in his 80s, Maurice Sapiro Hits His Artistic Stride”


Now in his 80s, Maurice Sapiro Hits His Artistic Stride


“A Flower In Her Hair” by Maurice Sapiro

Maurice Sapiro‘s luminous Turner-esque landscapes have garnered the Connecticut-based artist much attention on Saatchi Art and in the press, but his artistic talents extend far beyond landscapes; his Saatchi Art portfolio reveals portrait painting, photography and sculpture in his repertoire, as well.

Maurice’s powerful portraits have recently caught the eye of Danielle Krysa, aka the artist behind The Jealous Curator, who found herself enraptured by his meticulous use of color—such as an unexpected yellow smear of paint in an otherwise inky ground. A former music educator, Maurice has honed his artistic practice for over 60 years and says that hitting his artistic stride at 81 was “worth the wait.” Learn more about his inspiring story.

Visit The Jealous Curator to see Danielle’s picks of Maurice’s portraits.

Be sure to check out Maurice’s work available on Saatchi Art.

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