Orchard Halo

oil on canvas  24"x30"

oil on canvas 24″x30″

6 thoughts on “Orchard Halo

    • Thanks Sue.
      The orchard is right behind my house. It’s been deserted now for years, but I do have fond memories of apple pies many years ago. Thanks for your appreciation. It makes up for the absence of apple pies.

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      • 🙂 I made an apple and rhubarb pie at the weekend 🙂 Rhubarb straight from our allotment.. the apples were bought ones.. but hope to have a few apples off our newly planted tree next year :-).. Thank you Maurice 😀


  1. gorgeous glimmers of cerulean with the soft sweeps of pale gold….. how beautiful you created this painting Maurice! thank you very much for sharing it 🙂 I love this one. debiriley.com


    • Thanks Deb. This one is based on an old photograph I took years ago. The orchard is behind my house, and I’ve been trying to paint this image for years. Today, I finally got it right. Thanks for looking, commenting and appreciating it.

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      • ah ha, heartfelt memories!! no wonder it was such a lovely expression 🙂
        Many times when younger, I’d be impatient why I couldn’t do something right then. As I’ve gotten older, i pause & think, its just not Time – yet.
        Thanks for reminding me of that 🙂 debi


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