The Yacht Club

oil on canvas  24"x30"

oil on canvas 24″x30″

8 thoughts on “The Yacht Club

  1. Loved this.. brings back a memory.. of when I was 14, in our all girls school we took up sailing lessons upon a local reservoir in small One sail boats… On my first solo voyage I managed to capsize it. turning the mast right under … I had to right it with help before being towed back to shore LOL… I never went in a dingy again at the helm.. 🙂 haha.. But it didn’t stop my love of boats…
    Have a perfect rest of the week Maurice..


      • LOL… My 14 yr old self was as deflated as the boat.. 🙂 but I can so laugh about it as I must have looked a Drip! 🙂 and not worth a blob of paint LOL… Laughing.. And I thank you Maurice..


  2. Wow! I’m really impressed with how much you communicate with an economy of gesture here. I also love that the sky makes the boldest impression, while land and sea are subdued. Bravo!


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