Thimble Islands, finishing touches

oil on canvas   30"x63"

oil on canvas 30″x63″

21 thoughts on “Thimble Islands, finishing touches

  1. My gosh, what a beautiful painting! It is like something out of a dream… absolutely magical. The mist, the fluid sky… this feels like it is breathing and alive. What a talent you have.
    Your work space in this photograph seems like something out of a “how to paint” kind of TV program.
    Thank you for sharing this!


  2. great photo – something very compelling about the photo in relation to the painting. I like the poetry of a self portrait while painting an island – perhaps, the space where the artistic self lives & remains. Nice work


  3. Like the others here, I love seeing a photo of you at work! It gives a whole different dimension to the painting and makes me feel as if I suddenly know your work a bit better for having seen you interact with it in the process of its making. And yes, the painting itself glows with life. Marvelous!


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