The Brook After Sundown

oil on linen  24"x24"

oil on linen 24″x24″

4 thoughts on “The Brook After Sundown

  1. arrh…. this made me ‘sigh’ with contentment….. Now this I love.. even though one can not see the Full Moon, its as though I see it shining within the Brook Maurice..a beautiful creation..
    May you have a peaceful and enjoyable weekend..
    Blessings Sue


    • Sue, I’m late in replying. Let me explain—just found out that the gallery will present my work at Art Expo 2015 in New York City on Apr. 23 through the 26th. I’m to be present on opening night. Trying to get some new work ready has kept me too busy, so forgive me for a late “thank you”. If you are in the neighborhood, please stop in so I can give you a hug!

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      • Arrgh Bless your heart dear Maurice, and Congratulations upon your Wonderful Exhibition in New York..
        Unfortunately I can not be in NY.. I live in England UK… But I would have been there like a shot LOL.. had I lived in NY..

        I am thrilled for you Maurice and your work certainly deserves the recognition And I thank you for the Big Hug..
        Sending one in return.. (( Hug ))
        Love and Light my friend 🙂 Sue


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