Thimble Island Morning

oil on panel  20"x16"

oil on panel 20″x16″

10 thoughts on “Thimble Island Morning

  1. Dear Maurice, I have only just stumbled upon your work, after noticing that you liked one of my pieces. I am beyond flattered that you would be interested in following my blog! Your work is magnificent and I am looking forward to spending more time viewing the pieces as displayed here. Thank you very much for stopping by my blog. Best regards Janice.


  2. This is absolutely stunning! Breathtaking, even. I’m in awe. You might want to put your name in the caption. When I went to share it on Pinterest, it popped up with only the dimensions of the piece. I added your name, but others may not. Would hate to see this beautiful piece, or any of your other work, floating around in cyberspace without your name attached to it.


  3. I did get out my paints Maurice… I have some time to myself for a while this coming week, and will be getting out my pastel box too…

    Love your paintings… as you know..:-) thank you xox Sue


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