Blue Lagoon

oil on panel  24"x24"

oil on panel 24″x24″

7 thoughts on “Blue Lagoon

  1. I did enjoy looking at your work . A special effect you have added on this painting. A kind of 3 D or even a window view following the contours of your blue lagoon and fading out in its reflection. Special for me .


  2. Dear Maurice, Thank you for sending this photo of your painting.

    I love your work. I am a fellow artist and really admire the way you paint.

    I would love to know more about your technique etc if you are willing to share it with me.

    Best wishes Maite Jenner South Devon Artist


    • Maite, Thanks. At my blog, click on “demonstrations” and you will find an article on my technique that was published in The Artist’s Magazine. The article shows a painting in progress, detailing each step along the way. Hope this helps.


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