The White Sail

oil on panel  20"x16"

oil on panel 20″x16″

12 thoughts on “The White Sail

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  2. A subtle illumination of the sail creates a strong image! Beautiful, Maurice! You inspire me always think about space, texture, and the provocative power of composition 🙂


  3. A beautiful painting. I love to look at this painting. Quiet and powerful. The little lick of white sail is pure and powerful. The sunlight breaking over leaden clouds is so deft, it feels like hope. I don’t have the words, but I love to look at this painting. Wonderful.


  4. This is just stunning, I have no words. Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I have enjoyed looking at your amazing work, especially the sunset paintings. They brought tears to my eyes.


  5. Beautifully mysterious. Thanks so much for your “likes”, I see I’ve been missing quite a bit, by not following your beautiful work. That changed today. Thanks for your inspiration.


  6. This is stunning. Typically I’m not a fan of landscapes–most are too straight-forward, too predictable–but yours are alluring and have an aura of mystery that keeps me guessing.


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