oil on panel  16"x16"

oil on panel 16″x16″

17 thoughts on “Dusk

  1. Wow! I’m trying to decide if I like this as a sky or a reflection of the sky in the water. I think my toes are on the edge of a bank of still water and it is a reflection of the sun setting behind the trees on the far bank. Absolutely beautiful…. then, maybe the sky and the forces of nature gathering strength.


  2. Maurice, I hope you are well. Please tell me about the spring this year in France, as your view is the only way I will experience the beauty this year.


  3. Elisa, Thanks for asking, yes, I am well. My Spring in France will have to be a memory. In 1955 to 1957 I was stationed with the 279th Army Band in Poitiers. Yes, the most beautiful and memorable Springs ever. They appear in many of my paintings.


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