The Pond

oil on panel  10"x10"

oil on panel 10″x10″

17 thoughts on “The Pond

  1. I like very much.
    The shape in the water, prompts me to recall a picture by John Everett Millais – ‘Orpheus’ – it’s fascinating how a simple line or two on a canvas can evoke a memory – the gift of a true artist.


  2. Hi Maurice, thank you so much for dropping by to view… And I am quiet in ore of your painting. I was never given any training in painting skills and so I think as a result have shied away from oils, Although I love working with Acrylics .. Just love the perspective and reflections you always do so well…. Wonderful.. Thank you for your Gift to the the world. I am very grateful that you share your talent with us…. Sue


  3. Your work is inspiring! In this piece, I really like how you use a more free and abstract painterly style to define a clear and dynamic landscape form. Also, I want to thank you for following my blog. I hope to one day develop a body of work as skilled, diverse and large as your own.


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