Clouds (A Series)

13 thoughts on “Clouds (A Series)

  1. How beautiful they are all together. I would put them all on my wall just as they are here. A very high wall, it would have to be. You’ve made my day better with your clouds!


  2. These are truly incredible. It is fascinating the way that, in the clouds, figurative and abstract seem to meld into this odd shifting middle ground. I agree with @trishworth: I would love to have cover wall after wall with these, but I would need a number of walls. Thank you for these.


    • Sara,
      I photograph the paintings with my Sony Cybershot. My son John posts them on the site, (my computer abilities are rather primitive)–Thanks for looking and commenting, and good luck in your teaching career!.


      • Thanks! Your paintings are fantastic. I’ve been wanting to display my own humble attempts at painting on my blog but I didn’t know how to get a good digital image of them. I’ll try photographing them and see how it turns out.


      • I don’t own a tripod but I know people who do. I know eventually I’m going to have to invest in some good photography equipment. Thank you for the advice.


  3. A really impressive series! I once worked with a friend who is a professional painter on some studies of Turner. Obviously, what I did was nowhere near your sunsets but having done that helps me to appreciate your great work.


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