Lake Sunset (oil on canvas, 32″x38″)

Lake Sunset (oil on canvas, 32"x38")

Lake Sunset (oil on canvas, 32″x38″)

3 thoughts on “Lake Sunset (oil on canvas, 32″x38″)

  1. I was wondering, do you take multiple photographs of your landscapes for your paintings? Or paint from your own vision? I would assume that with your mastery both have been a part of your development over the years. This painting, as well as all your paintings is so expressionistic, expressing your intimacy with your process.


    • Good to hear from you, Walter. When I’m photographing, I’m not thinking of painting, but the image is with me in the studio. I’m least successful when I try to “copy” a photo. I find it easier if I let the painting lead me back to the mental image. I’m sure, as an artist, you understand.


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