Fog Lifting

This Painting (Oil On Panel, 16″ x 20″) Is Available For Purchase

oil on panel 16″ x 20″

5 thoughts on “Fog Lifting

  1. Hi Maurice, been following your blog & I love your work. I’m a painter myself & wondered when you say Oil on Panel what kind of board are you painting on, do you have a preferred wood? I’ve only ever used canvas, but it has got way to expensive recently! Painting on board has always intrigued me I think the harder surface would work well with my style i’d love to give it a go. Off to do some research as its been too long since I have painted and panel seems to be the way forward… I appreciate if you don’t want to reveal what you work on specifically but If you have time to reply i’d love to here back from you. Keep up the great work.
    Peter Gillies


    • Pete,
      The wonderful thing about the world of painting is that there are no secrets I have a history of painting on Masonite, now referred to as hardboard. For tonight, let me give you the short answer. Check out ,( painting panels). They offer primed,or unprimed boards in all sizes, flat or with sides, And they are archival.(and reasonably priced) I buy unprimed, hardboard and apply gesso with a roller, to control the texture. It’s past my bedtime, (when you get to be 80, you’ll understand.) Please feel free to ask any other questions. If you run ilnto problems, see if I can help.
      Thanks for viewing my work



      • Thanks Maurice. Must say also I do love the look of your framing, Im pretty fussy when it comes to that stuff and the finish & look… your doing it right!! Thanks again, Peter


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