One thought on “Lily

  1. While being a humble writer married to her words, I have also had a constant love affair with photography for over a decade. And each time before I press the shutter, I hear a thousand stories whispering from into my “eyes” behind the camera. I suppose it is the same with an artist’s painting too. Here is a simple yet amazing composition, painted near to nothing but perfection. And I am hearing a thousand stories — of the hands that had carried the lily last … of the roads that took the basket for a walk… or perhaps of a maiden who has left in on a fence, or a table and is now sitting under a huge apple tree with her beloved……

    Maurice, please forgive me for getting carried away once in a while. My fingers are very lively today.
    Your Art has left me breathless again. Beautiful beautiful work this is.

    Have a wonderful time ahead.


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