First Star I See Tonight

4 thoughts on “First Star I See Tonight

  1. So realistic!

    I recently took a photograph of the north star with my iPhone, I was going to write a poem for it and maybe share some fun facts. Now I am even more so inspired to do so!

    If I do, mind if I share your image with everyone? It certain is exquisite, just as Bre said.


    • Makena,
      My image is yours, to use and share as you wish. This is the view from our back deck, looking over the abandoned apple orchard behind us, and yes, by coincidence, that IS the North Star shining in the upper right side. It seems I intended it for you from the start.

      If your photo is better than my painting, go with yours..



      • What a beautiful view to live beneath! & yes, I think it may have been intended for me! Your painting is MUCH better than my boring photo so I shall open with my photograph and then share a lasting finale of your gorgeous piece.

        Thank you!



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