Sunset At Sea

3 thoughts on “Sunset At Sea

  1. Maurice, I don’t know how to express why a certain painting appeals to me, but this one really does. I can dissect photographs. I can talk at length about composition, tonal range and everything else, but when I look at a painting, there is some other dimension at play that elevates it to greatness (or my definition of it). This one has some kind of sweeping majesty about it. I especially like the turbulent beauty of the sunset.


  2. Dave,
    Your appreciation is appreciated. I approach each painting with the same skills, the same ambition, and yet, some turn out better than I can paint. “Sunset At Sea” is an example. As Jamie Wyeth said, ” I want to be at the easel when the miracle happens”.

    I visited your site. Beautiful and fascinating,

    Thanks for looking and writing.



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