Heaven’s Gate

oil on panel 12″x12″

11 thoughts on “Heaven’s Gate

      • hehe…..Sometimes my husband thinks that I am kind. So this is a poured acrylic painting, if so which brand? I am thinking of getting some Open Golden acrylics and give it a whirl. By the way I love hearing your stories and your humor….I hope to retain my humor till I drop and move onto Glory. 😉

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      • Margaret, These poured paintings are oil. I explain in my blog, under “poured paintings” the process is based on the work of Stanley Hayter, 1901-1988, who devised a system for printing his color lithographs, finding that oil colors will repel other oil colors, if the viscosity is different. So I thin my paints with varying amounts of oil and solvent, pour and watch the magic happen.

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      • I have never heard of poured oil paintings, now I have learned something new, totally cool. I will look up the artist, I bet that it is fun, I love the serendipity working with certain mediums that keeps you guessing to the very end.

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      • Of course! Haha I never thought about the particular medium that he used just that he made some beautiful paintings. Oh my, that light bulb is tingling my scalp! Duh! I can’t wait to see more of your dripped oil paintings.


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